Carrie Park


Kansas City Real Estate, Inc.

14 SW 3rd St., Lee's Summit, MO 64063

Buying and selling homes is more than a transaction. Its an investment of what your future will look like! Because it’s such an important decision to be made, I want to be there to walk you through that process and leave you with no regrets.  

I love and enjoy both ends of my job as a realtor. When listing, I will do everything I can to price you right, help you prep and advertise by continually casting out the line until we get the right bite. In negotiating, I will work with you to get what you want and need in the sale of your home. 

      When it comes to finding the right home for you to purchase I want to first help you find the house that suits your financial, spacial, and locational needs. Once we’ve established the necessities, the fun part is finding a house that you can make your home. I will be patient with you but work diligently by your side until we find the perfect place for you. Whether it be your forever home or just a short time transition, It will set the stage for where your future memories will be made and I am honored to be a part of that! 

I appreciate and value every buyer/seller I have and will work 100% for you with honesty, integrity and loyalty throughout the entire process.